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Parents' council meeting on January 18, 2024

On January 18, 2024 we met for the second meeting of the school year. The school management asked us to communicate our wishes to the day school. The planning process has only just begun at the Sihlfeld school and will start in the 2025/26 school year. If you have any suggestions or requests (e.g. howe which group the children eat, relaxation room, homework, etc.), please contact us.

General information about the day school is available here.

There are no parent council delegates in two kindergartens, which we very much regret. We are following up on this and have already created a new presentation to arouse the desire to participate in the parents' council at the parents' evenings. We think the exchange between parents is important and are organizing a parents' café again on the next visit day on Tuesday, March 19th during the big break. You can visit your children flexibly in all lessons on that day.

There will also be a parent education evening at the school, more information will follow.

A working group has collected a variety of leisure activities. Most of them are free. The list is published on our website. Take a look and discover something new! https://www.elternrat-sihlfeld. ch/leisure tips

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