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Parents' council meeting on 06.06.2024

Dear Parents,

This school year's last meeting of the Parent Council took place on June 6th.

Here are the topics discussed:

Information from the school management:

  • The external school evaluation has been completed. A public report will soon be available online for anyone interested.

  • The school management would like to thank the parents' council for the survey on the day of school (Tagesschule). Thanks also go to all the parents who took part. The most important topics that emerged from this include incorporating rest periods, improving the quality of food, doing homework at school, and having enough time for play. It is also important to have groups that are as fixed as possible and not too many children in one place. It is also essential that there are enough supervisory staff. The school management will carefully evaluate the answers and take them into account as best as possible.

  • Handling cell phones: The police were called in after an incident involving middle school children. Parents must pay close attention and discuss with their children what they do with their cell phones.

  • As a reminder, Mobile phones are prohibited at the Sihlfeld school. Children are only allowed to carry their phones switched off and stored in their backpacks. This rule also applies in the daycare center.

Summer festival on Friday, 28 June:

  • Preparations are in full swing. We from the parents' council will help out at the cake stand and at the bar. There will also be a stand where all the children can design a T-shirt they have brought with them using spray paint. It will be great; come along!

More information

  • Mixed traffic at Hardplatz: The parents' council would like to examine the situation with the school police officer. The current situation seems dangerous for pedestrians (school children) with the many fast bicycles.

As always, you can find further information on our homepage:

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know

Best regards

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