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We are involved in various groups on specific topics:

Parent education evening

How long should our children play? How can I raise my child without becoming authoritarian? Once a year, the parents' council organizes an evening where parents can learn more. For example, on how to use a mobile phone or on the topic of "strength instead of power" in education.

Racism and diversity

There are also forms of racism at the multicultural Sihlfeld school. We try to raise awareness among parents, students and teachers.

Have a look at our annual program here (German only).


We are committed to a safe way to school. At Bullingerplatz we have campaigned for traffic calming. In cooperation with the city, we have achieved that the children can cross the street in front of the entrance to the schoolyard more safely thanks to a zebra crossing and traffic signs.  The local TV station "TeleZüri" made a contribution about it (German language) :


We make sure that all parents have access to the information from the parents' council. We support foreign-language parents whenever possible if they have questions about the school.

Leisure Tips

In the past, there was a weekly reading group where parents read stories to their children. Then came the pandemic and now we from the Parents' Council have thought about reactivating the reading group. We checked out what is already available in the city of Zurich, because there is no need to reinvent the wheel, and we came across a lot of great existing offers that we would like to share with you: The list Leisure tips contains offers for reading promotion, but also many other free ideas for leisure activities. 


If you would like to share a favourite place or offer yourself, we would be delighted! Send us an email with your tip:

Coffee, punch and cake

At school events such as Parents' Day or Christmas carols, we bake cakes and make coffee, tea or punch.

This and that

We help with decorating the Christmas tree at Bullingerplatz, at the children's carnival or at the neighborhood festival.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Would you like to help in a group?
We look forward to you contacting us by email
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