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Parents' council meeting of 16.03.2023

The school management informs:

  • If a child experiences violence on the way to school or on the playground, he/she should contact the break supervisor or teacher. Classmates or parents can also report the incident to the class teacher. The school has clear rules (code) and procedures.

  • Please read the folding notice and the flyer from the school administration and talk to your child about how to behave towards strangers.

The Parents' Council discusses:

  • New information such as flyers and links from parent education evenings are to be made available on the Parents' Council website. We will inform you as soon as this is done.

  • The Parents' Council will be present at the end of the project week in June. More information will follow.

  • Delegates from the Parents' Council have been invited to the "Neighbourhood Table". Activities in the neighbourhood are discussed there. For example, there will be a music week in the summer where music will be played on the squares in the neighbourhood. If you or your children would like to perform with the family band, the singing group or ... this is the opportunity! Please feel free to contact me.

  • The Parents' Council is thinking about how all parents from different cultural backgrounds can be better informed about the school. How can we break down barriers and achieve more exchange? There are already projects underway at other schools on this topic, which we will take a closer look at. Maybe you have another idea?

  • A group in the parents' council is clarifying what form the reading club could take again.

  • A group is in contact with the traffic police regarding safety on Bullingerplatz. Various measures are planned, such as speed controls.


  • Marina Meier from the District School Board was present at the meeting. She explained her work at the school, which is mainly quality assurance.

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