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Parents' Council Meeting 18.01.2023

Dear Parents,

Last Wednesday the Parent Council met for the 3rd meeting of the school year and discussed the following:

Information from the school management

  • At the moment, some learning vicars are doing their practical training at the Sihlfeld school. They are taking responsibility for their "own" class for the first time.

  • Class assignments and timetables are sent out each June.

  • A radio bus project week takes place from 26-30 June 23. All children will participate and some are already working on it. The programme will be available online. More information will follow.

Information from the members

  • The Parents' Council has a new treasurer who manages the budget for the projects.

  • There are still free places for the upcoming parent education event with coffee ceremony. Please register! Info at

  • There is discussion about how to reactivate the reading club.

  • There will be a parents' café again on the visit morning in March.

  • It is criticised that the after-school snacks often contain a lot of sugar (cakes, sugared cornflakes, etc.). The school management will discuss this with Mrs. Gasser, Head of Care.

  • Apparently, there is always violence between children. The school has a break supervisor who can be called in (persons in yellow waistcoats). In case of repeated problems, the teachers or Mrs. Jellamo should be informed.

The next meeting will take place on 16 March. Please let us know your concerns and questions after the sports holidays at the latest!

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