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Parents' Council Meeting 23.11.2022

Dear Parents

We would like to inform you about the last meeting of the Sihlfeld Parents' Council.

The following points were discussed:

  1. Agnes Hunziker (Headmistress) would like to thank all the parents who read aloud at the Reading Night. It was a lovely event.

  2. The newly elected members of the Parents' Council were welcomed and introduced to the tasks and working methods of the ER.

  3. Soon all members should be listed on the website with their pictures.

  4. On 2 November, a walk-through of Bullingerplatz took place with the school police officer. He took feedback and informed as follows:

    1. Painted spots remain

    2. A traffic observation was made (measured by machine during one week), currently being evaluated.

    3. Children should not cross Bullingerplatz (via the fountain in the middle), but should cross the streets individually. See also the "School Route Planner" of the City of Zurich: -> click on School Route Planner and zoom in to Bullingerplatz (German only)

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