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Parents' Council Meeting 18 January

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Information from the last session

Dear parents

We would like to inform you about the last meeting of the Sihlfeld Parents' Council . The meeting took place on 18 January 2022 (online).

The following topics were discussed:

Traffic safety at Bullingerplatz

After the renovation, the safety situation for pedestrians at the Bullingerhof kindergarten was improved. The signage with the speed limit of 20 km/h has been placed more visibly.

New floor markings are to follow in January.

In addition, the traffic police has mentioned that there have been several speed checks at Bullingerplatz. The results of this control were acceptable.

After-school care capacity utilization

After-school care facilities have decreased. The delegates of the Parents' Council exchanged views on the reasons for this. The following points were mentioned:

  • A few months ago , it was communicated that the children should not use the day care center because of the pandemic. This request, however, was never followed by an invitation to have the children cared for in the after-school care centre again.

  • Some parents of younger children want smaller, non-mixed groups.

  • For children who are in the 1st kindergarten, the after-school care center is often too loud and the usual processes from the daycare center are missing.

  • Especially for parents of children who are new to kindergarten, it could be helpful if they were better introduced to the after-school care offer; the head of the support department is working on a flyer for this purpose.

  • In their last newsletter, the school authorities advised against holiday care during the sports holidays (if possible) due to the pandemic; in the holiday resort the gruppies are mixed.

  • There were also positive opinions from some parents: The children would like it better after a short acclimatization period in the after-school care center.

  • Also positive: The children have an exchange with other children and like to go to the after-school care centre.

Cancelled Events

After many events and courses (e.B swimming) were cancelled due to the pandemic, many children are demotivated. The mask requirement complicates the situation even more. The problem is known to teachers. The teachers strive to fill in the gaps by offering the children interesting and valuable activities (e.B. excursions, ice skating).

"Care alarm" against austerity measures

At the end of 2021, the City of Zurich decided to take austerity measures and reduce staff in the municipal hoards (-3.4% every year for three years, which corresponds to a reduction of one 65% position per year). This can have a negative impact on the quality of care.

→ Sign this open letter if you do not agree with it: Care Alarm (


The Parents' Council website is under construction. We will share a link as soon as the website is ready.

Racism and exclusion

A group in the parents' council has planned activities and an information campaign on the topic. More information will follow.

The working group is looking for parents from other cultures who are interested in talking about their origins. We are looking for parents from Thailand, Sri Lanka, former Yugoslavia , South America, Turkey, Israel etc. Interested parties are cordially invited to contact me.

There are many reports that children do not consume age-appropriate media (especially films). The school wants to organize a parental education on the topic. More information will follow.

The next parents' council meeting will take place on 16 March 2022.

Please let me know your suggestions or questions.

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