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Do you already know...?


1.Pestalozzi Libraries

For reading animation there is the event series “Children’s Club”:

For children from 4 years the events “Bücherkiste” and from 7 years “Lesekoffer”

Here is the programme:


For adults there is “Reading together – Shared Reading”


“Family Literacy” A language and reading support program for families with a migration background: (in Albanian /Brazilian Portuguese/ Chinese/English/French/Italian/Japanese//Portuguese//Spanish/Tamil/Turkish)


You can find the Pestalozzibibiothek events calendar here:


2. Orellfuessli Kids events [for Zurich branches]


3. Flea box

The picture book cinema Flohkiste is an entertaining, cultural event for children from the age of 4 years. The focus is on telling a carefully selected picture book story, the images are projected onto a screen. The storytelling is designed to be interactive and accompanied by music. After the 20 to 30-minute "reading", the children can creatively process what they have seen and heard.


4. Sports Center Joseph

Do you know the sports center Josef? (right behind the jumbo under the Hard Bridge)


5. Sports boxing in the Letzibadi

Do you know the SportBox in the Letzi outdoor pool? 

Content for free use in winter too: kettlebells (4, 8, 16 and 20 kilograms), medicine balls (2, 4, 6 and 8 kilograms), battle rope, skipping ropes (5 pieces), super bands and mini bands (9 pieces), TRX (2 pieces), yoga mats (5 pieces), black rolls (3 pieces), coordination ladder, pylons (20 pieces), Bluetooth speakers, mobile phone charging station)

Usage is free. It only requires a one-time registration (cost: 50 centimes). 


6. Zurich community centers

Do you know, for example, the Wednesday studio in GZ Buchegg?


7. Play island Lochergut/Zurlinden/Fritschiwiese/Zentralstrasse

The diverse play and handicraft material provided by the game animators invites the children to be creative. They spend their free time in the park, in the toy wagon, in the container, in school rooms or in courtyards in the neighborhood. Play islands are mobile and are used in other locations if necessary. The offers are aimed at children from kindergarten to the 6th grade.


8. Craft tips from FamilienTreff Entlisberg (scroll down)


9. Viaduct children's club

See e.g. monthly program


10. Excursion tip: Langenberg Wilderness Park

Have you ever seen a real bear or a wolf?

The Zurich Wilderness Park offers unique experiences in nature at two locations: TheLangenberg Zoo in Langnau am Albis invites you to meet withnative animals a. TheSihlwald nature adventure park offers a unique combination of forest, wilderness and river landscape. This is in the hamlet of Sihlwaldvisitor centerwith a natural history museum, restaurant, playground and fire pits. Admission free.



11. Caritas offers for families

Would you like to support or do you need support? Have a look at the offers of Caritas!


12. Do you know KiöR?

Zurich offers a lot of art in public space, discover freely accessible art in your area:


13. Do you know the city nursery?

Discover the exotic oases: the palm, tropical and subtropical house. If you look closely you can spot turtles, exotic birds and fish. Admission free.


14. Do you already know the 636 playgrounds in urban areas?

Grün Stadt Zürich maintains around 636 playgrounds in our beautiful city. These include around 164 public playgrounds and 379 playgrounds in municipal schools, kindergartens and day-care centers. School playgrounds are usually open to the public outside of business hours.

You can always find a playground near you with the Züriplan: ;layer=Playground%2CStrasse&window=&selectedObject=&selectedLayer=&toggleScreen=&legacyUrlState=&drawings=


15. Are you a runner?

Our city offers free Finnish tracks, forest running routes and fitness trails:


16. Do you know the nature trails of the city of Zurich?

There are many interesting things to experience in our forests. Five educational forest trails, a yew trail, a boulder trail, a nature and culture trail and a planetary trail are just waiting to be discovered.


17. Research and discovery in the Zurich forest laboratory

In September 2020, the forest laboratory was opened on the Hönggerberg in Zurich. It is designed for a lifespan of 100 years and is dedicated to important issues relating to forest management. You can explore the forest using an interactive map (forest laboratory app). 150 Central European tree and shrub species can already be seen in the arboretum.


18. Breather in a Zurich park

There is a lot to discover in the numerous parks and green areas of the city of Zurich. The garden art of the 19th century is particularly well represented in the magnificent parks by the lake and in the villa districts of Riesbach and Enge, but also newer parks, such as the Pfingstweidpark or the parks in Oerlikon show the latest tendencies in today's garden art.

Here you can find the parks from A-Z:


19. Games and sports in the Hardau gym

Spiel + Sport opens sports halls for children from kindergarten to 6th grade on six Sundays in the winter months. Under the supervision of sports directors, there are mat swings, mini tramps, balancing beams and other play equipment to discover. Participation is free of charge and possible without prior registration. Take your sportswear and indoor shoes with you. You can find the dates and times here:


20. Other sports offerings such as Open Sundays, Minimove, Active Sundays and Midnight Sports

For if you want to move, there is something for every age group:


21. Free admission to the Kunsthaus every Wednesday

Admission to the collection (except for the exhibitions) is free for everyone on Wednesdays!

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